Stefan D. Voigt

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Stefan D. Voigt

Art Direction & 3D Animation

Freelancing status: available for freelance!
Located at: Munich - Mainz, Frankfurt & Wiesbaden available


Skill set:

  • 3D Generalist: Cinema 4D and Xpresso, TurbulenceFD, V-Ray, unwrapping in Silo Pro
  • Stereoscopy: Consulting & Creation
  • Compositing: After Effects & Fusion
  • Good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator & InDesign

Willing to learn: Nuke, XSI or Houdini

Contact me!


Red Bull Transforming Formula 1

Tags: 3D artwork

These are the three shots I was assigned to for the new Red Bull Racing Movie, created at Aixsponza.
I was working at the track layout department and later on made sure these three shots went through smoothly. The main task was copying & pasting all the well prepared assets together. After that I had to set up the lighting, make the close up of Daniel Ricciardo looking as appealing as possible, synchronize my Vray Renderings with the Turbulence FD Renderings created by Fuat Yüksel and do further adjustments where needed.

...and here you can watch the full movie:

created in 2014 at Aixsponza
software used: Cinema 4D & Vray
watch more material here:


Audi Tradeshows 2013

Tags: 3D artwork

This is a compilation of shots from the project "Audi Tradeshow 2013" created at Aixsponza, Munich.
In the first part I've done the shading of the car asset (interior and exterior) and was mainly involved in the animatic department, while finishing several shots later on. In the second part I had to define a lighting concept for the car matching given reference material.

Topview (00:00): camera work & car asset shading
Front (00:03): camera work & car asset shading
Architecture (00:06): camera work, lighting & precomposing
Interior (00:08): camera work, lighting, final shading, precomposing
Architecture (00:09): camera work, lighting & precomposing
Close Up Tailgate (00:11): lighting & shading of the carpaint material
Back (00:12): lighting & shading of the carpaint material
LED Close Up (00:17): lighting, additional shading & modeling, precomposing
Front Lights (00:22): lighting & precomposing


Audi A3 Cabrio Interior Shot




Audi A8 Tailgate


Audi A8

created in 2013 at Aixsponza
software used: Cinema 4D, Vray & After Effects
watch more material here:



Tags: anaglyph | download | S3D | stereoscopic

SV Stereo Rig PRO v5.3

The SV Stereo Rig PRO is the professional solution to create stereoscopic movies in Cinema 4D.

The SV Stereo Rig PRO is now for free, as I have stopped to further develop the script.
I've also kicked out the SV Viewfinder, because it is already integrated in Cinema 4D since R13.

Download the SV Stereo Rig PRO for Cinema 4D R13 - R15
Download the SV Stereo Rig PRO for Cinema 4D R11.5 - R12

For a full feature list and documentation videos visit the SV Stereo Rig PRO project page.

I would be very happy about a donation from you for all my work. Thanks!

Have fun and good luck for good stereo!


Showreel 2013

Tags: 3D artwork | compositing

  • 00:00 - free project "pheres"; 2010; everything
  • 00:14 - client: Audi; created at AixSponza; for the trade show in Genf 2012;
    car simulation, camera animation, lighting, creating part of the environment
  • 00:21 - client: Kia Motors; created at saasfee*; for the Kia web site configurators;
    lighting, modeling and shading of the environment, 2012
  • 00:25 - free project "pheres", 2010, everything
  • 00:30 - client: easy bank; tv commercial; created at AixSponza;
    animation, shading & Lighting (except letters); 2011
  • 00:34 - client: Dunlop; created at vision control; 2012; everything (except part of the modeling)
  • 00:39 - free project " - logo construction"; 2013; everything
  • 00:43 - client: Retsch; 2012; everything, except Emax model
  • 00:48 - client: Loewe; created at AixSponza; 2012;
    staging, lighting, camera animation (part), shading

Music: Professor Kliq - Nine (Get Professor Kliq at Jamendo)
Tools used: CInema 4D, Xpresso & Vray; After Effects, Premiere Pro, Silo Pro, Photoshop

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