Stefan D. Voigt

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Download free stereoscopic camera rig for Cinema 4D

New release!

Download SV Stereo Rig v3.4 for Cinema 4D!

Download SV Stereo Rig v3.4 hotfix for C4D R10!
Download the Blackstar Camera Shader! (important for anaglyph preview!)

new features:

  • fixed a bad, bad, bad calculation error. I am so ashamed!
  • implemented the Blackstar Camera Shader
    -> less aspect ratio problems and anaglyph preview for R10 users!


  • off axis setup
  • optional parallel or toed-in setup
  • image width & FOV calculator for parallel setup
  • automatic near- & farplane calculation
  • automatic camera distance calculation
  • anaglyph preview in black and white, full color & optimized anaglyph
    -> needs Mograph2 Camera Shader or Blackstar Camera Shader 

release history:

download SV Stereo Rig v3.3 for Cinema 4D!
download SV Stereo Rig v3.3 for C4D R 10
download SV Stereo Rig v3.1

related Links:

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Louis Marcoux - scroll down for tips on stereoscopy

more3D - FAQ and more links about stereoscopy - free rig for Cinema 4D



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