Stefan D. Voigt

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How to create anaglyph stereo in After Effects

Broken - monoscopic preview


Broken - stereoscopic preview

A short tutorial about creating simple anaglyph within After Effects or Photoshop.

red & cyan 3D glasses needed


In this article I will talk about anaglyph with red and cyan (not green) glasses, because this method gives the best color representation. 

First you create a composition that contains both of your streams (left & right eye).
The left eye is on top of the right eye.

anaglyph comp 



Then you use the effect “Channel Mixer” (Kanalmixer in German) on your left stream with the following settings:

left stream channel mixer Broken anaglyph red


Red: 100 %
Blue: 0 %
Green: 0 %






After that you select the right stream and apply the same effect with the opposed settings:

right stream channel mixer Broken anaglyph cyan


Red: 0 %
Blue: 100 %
Green: 100 %




Now you have partitioned all values of the RGB system into your left and right eye.
The left eye gets all the red and the right eye gets all the blue and green colors (which results into cyan).

anaglyph composition 02 

Now you just change the layer style of your left eye into “Difference” or “Add”.
So now you have this:


Broken - simple anaglyph

Still the red areas are causing a little bit of eyestrain, because red is a very intense color and doesn't get mixed with other colors like the right eye.

If you want to reduce your overall eyestrain and get a better anaglyph experience you should read my tutorial about Anaglyph Color Correction to get from the upper image to this:

Broken - Anaglyph Color Correction

Feel free to ask questions, if any description is unclear or if you have troubles finding the right buttons.




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